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What is SEO and How do Search Engine Optimization?

What is SEO and why is it important for a new blog? This question often troubles many new bloggers, which is very important. In today's Internet age, if you have to come in front of people, then online is one such way, where you can communicate your talk to crores of people simultaneously.

Here, you can either introduce yourself through your content or reach people through video. But to do this, you have to come to the first pages of the search engine at the top because these are the pages which needy visitors like more and also trust.

It is not as easy as you may be thinking because for this you will have to SEO your articles, products, or service page properly. The point is to say that they have to be properly optimized so that they can rank at the top in the search engine. SEO is the process of bringing your blog, product, or page to the top in the search engine. In today's article, we will tell you what SEO is called and how you can promote your website with this.

Like this, SEO is the lifeblood of Website / Blogging. This is because no matter how much you write a good article or create a good website if your article is not promoted properly then the chances of getting traffic in it are very less. In such a situation, all the hard work of the writers goes into the water. On the hard work of the writer, the water revolves.

So if you also want to make a career in blogging and therefore are serious about blogging, then you must not only read this article of SEO tutorial till the end but also implement it on your blog or website. So this article is going to be of great use to you later. By the way, we can tell you one thing that there is no hard and fast rule of SEO that by doing this your website or blog will rank, we will have to constantly experiment to rank our article, blog, or website on Google. Because all of this is based on the algorithm of Google, in which Updates keep coming from time to time.


You will find many people saying that I am SEO Expert, you do not have to believe that at all because to date no one has been able to mastery SEO.

This is such a thing, which varies with the technology and time and according to the need. Despite all this, there are some fundamentals in the Google SEO guide which are always the same. Google itself has given this guide to its users. So it is always important that Bloggers always keep themselves updated with the new digital marketing technology.

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